Frequently asked questions

Hear you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding everything from randomization to follow-up.

How do we report a protocol deviation?

Protocol violations are reported through the eCRF.

What is classified as OHCA vs IHCA?

OHCA: Arrest at the ER prior to final report from paramedics, non-admitted patients/relatives/care-givers whom have a cardiac arrest at the hospital or at a doctor’s appointment, patients with repeated cardiac arrests and non-sustained ROSC (<20 min) from the first OHCA at the arrival to the ER (continued events).

IHCA: Admitted patients to the hospital who have a cardiac arrest while at the hospital.

What temperature goal settings for CRRT should be applied on patients randomized to standarded temperature management without device who develop fever?

For unconscious patient who develop core temperature > 37.8°C within 72 h of being randomized to standard temperature management without device and for other clinical indications (anuric, acidic, hyperkalaemic etc) requires continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), the temperature goal should be as for other non-cardiac arrest ICU-patients (commonly CRRT with extracorporeal temperature management aimed at normothermia). If there is a refractory fever despite CRRT the temperature goal is to the discretion of the physician.