Samples will be collected for the biomarker substudy at 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours after randomization in selected sites. Complete the checklist below if your site would like to participate. Sites may be selected based on the following criteria:

- Sites with higher recruitment rate will be prioritized (preferably >20 pts/year)  

- Possibility to collect and process samples 24/7                   

- Processing should be done by professional or experienced personnel

Checklist for the biomarker substudy

Please complete this checklist if you are interested in the biomarker substudy.

13 Feb 2024 ‐ Biomarkers
Instructions for the biomarker substudy
21 Sep 2023 ‐ Biomarkers
Sample collection form

Please download and complete the contact details. To be printed double sided by the site. 

21 Sep 2023 ‐ Biomarkers